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How do I choose what product to use?

We recommend three simple rules
    1. Start by using tinctures as the foundation of your CBD regimen (your “base” products) and use them daily; optimally, once when you wake up and once before going to bed.

    2. Augment your tincture as needed throughout the day with a capsule, topical, edible, shot or other product depending on your personal preference, what you are trying to achieve, and the dose you want.

    3. If you are new to CBD or our brand, start with the lowest strength version of the product you buy and then adjust your dosage up as needed. For more on dosing, see below.


Tinctures are generally taken sublingually (with a dropper under the tongue) but can also be added to food. Taken sublingually, your body will distribute a tincture systemically, generally within 20 minutes.

Our tinctures come in a variety of flavors (lemongrass, mint and plain) and strengths (450mg, 900mg and 1500 mg) in some cases. We have specialty tinctures with multiple active ingredients to target specific uses. Most of our tinctures are for general use. They can be taken in the morning, at night or any other time. They are used by consumers seeking a feeling of daily overall well being (homeostasis) and for other chronic issues.


Topicals come in 2 categories, health and beauty. Health topicals are best suited to address localized pain or inflammation either on a stand-alone basis, or better yet, in combination with a tincture as your base product. Beauty topicals are used primarily for healthy skin and hair.

Health topicals should be applied to your skin by hand in areas where you feel pain. Topicals applied locally for pain and inflammation can augment the systemic benefits of tinctures.

For low to moderate local pain and inflammation, we recommend our 120 mg lemon ginger hemp balm with its gentle formula to soothe the area of concern.

For more severe pain and inflammation, try our menthol hemp gel. Its’ powerful mint and menthol essential oils create a slight numbing sensation and transport it across the transdermal barrier to penetrate your tissue more deeply while delivering a concentrated formula of 300 milligrams of CBD per container to your area of need.

Our beauty topicals include lip balms, face, hand and body creams to soothe and protect your skin. Apply where needed.

Shots Capsules, and Chews

Shots, capsules and chews provide predetermined dosing at either light or moderate levels of CBD. Because they are compact and easy to use, they are great products to carry with you throughout the day and use when you feel a lull in mood, stress or pain to augment your tincture. Because these products work through digestion their impact is more gradual. Dosing should be spaced 30 minutes or more apart.

Chews and liquid shots provide tasty micro doses of 5-10 milligrams each. For more significant mid-day dosing, capsules come in two strengths, 30 and 60 milligrams per capsule.


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