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What is CBD?

  • CBD (Cannabidiol) is unlike THC, the cannabinoid most frequently sold in marijuana dispensaries.
  • CBD does not produce a high (it is non psychotropic). In fact, It has been shown to counter act THC induced highs.
  • CBDís principal source is different than THCís.
  • CBDís principal source is industrial hemp, a cannabis crop grown outside primarily for health, sustainability and industrial purposes (uses include protein, rope, clothing, biodegradable plastics and many other every day uses).
  • THCís primary source is marijuana, a cannabis plant with many medicinal properties but a plant that is frequently bred and cultivated to produce highs (psychotropic effects) for recreational purposes.

How does CBD relate to the human body?

  • Cannabinoids found in plants are called phytocannabinoids.
  • Cannabinoids occurring naturally in the human body are called endocannabinoids.
  • The cannabis plant contains over 100 different cannabinoids each with unique properties.
  • They are part of an important system in the human body, the endocannabinoid system.
  • This system helps regulate many functions within the human body, including mood, sleep, inflammation and pain, and supports the body in its efforts to achieve homeostasis (equilibrium).
  • Properly formulated CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid systemís receptor cells.

What does consumer experience and research to date tell us?

  • A growing body of research indicates that CBD may have broad potential benefits to humans and pets for both chronic health issues and certain diseases.
  • Clinical studies can be found on, a website maintained by the National Institute of Health.
  • Millions of consumers have tried and report many benefits from CBD.
  • Consumers report and current research indicates CBDís potential to address multiple chronic health issues, including stress, anxiety, sleep deprivation , joint and muscle pain relief, inflammation, headaches (including migraines), and PTSD related stress, as well as epileptic seizures, glaucoma, nausea associated with cancer related chemotherapy and radiation, addiction recovery and breast and brain tumor reduction, among others.

Is CBD regulated?

  • With growing recognition, research and consumer experience, indicating its many potential benefits, demand for CBD is exploding.
  • Due to CBDís strong safety profile, mounting evidence of its potential to support health and its non-psychotropic properties, federal and state governments have been eliminating restrictions on CBDís production and consumption.
  • The federal government removed industrial hemp and CBD, from its list of controlled substances, and now encourages CBD cultivation and production under federally licensed State Department of Agriculture or University research programs.
  • CBD grown under these programs ensures educated consumers access to a supply of domestically grown CBD which meets quality and safety standards.
  • CBD sales, distribution and consumption are allowed nationwide.
  • Certain states have banned vaporizer products although tobacco and black-market THC vape products are the only vaping products associated with meaningful negative health consequences.

What should I be aware of when I purchase CBD?

  • Because distribution of CBD is largely unregulated in the U.S., the quality of CBD sold to U.S consumers varies considerably.
  • Much of the CBD sold in the U.S. comes from China, India and elsewhere, where cultivation and processing standards are lax.
  • Many domestic CBD sources cultivate and process extract without being a part of a federally licensed, state Department of Agriculture or University research program.
  • Market tests by third party firms indicate that much, and frequently, most, of the CBD sold domestically, whether processed in the USA or internationally, does not meet high quality standards and does not meet the ingredient information on its packaging/labels.


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